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Brittany Stanley: Teen missing from Pennsylvania

Police are asking for help to locate missing Brittany Stanley, 17 from West Whiteland Township, Pennsylvania.

Authorities said they were able to track phones she made to an area in North Philadelphia.  Brittany’s mother is worried that Brittany may be living on the streets.

Brittany is 5’2″ teal, 180 pounds, brown hair and brown eyes with a black tattoo of cherries on her left arm.

If you have any information on her whereabouts, please call the West Whiteland Township Police Dept. at 610-363-0200.

2 thoughts on “Brittany Stanley: Teen missing from Pennsylvania

  1. A missing 17 year old with pink streaked hair and a tattoo? Perhaps if her parents had set standards and expectations for her she wouldn't be 'living on the streets'.

  2. Even if her parents let her get tattoo n dye hair hair doesn't make them bad parents… I had tattoos around that age and still had wonderful parents…… Hope they find her

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