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Sierra Lamar: Teen missing from Santa Clara County

Missing Person California Sierra Lamar

UPDATE December 2017 – Antolin Garcia Torres was sentenced Tuesday to life in prison without the possibility of parole for the murder of Sierra Lamar. He was convicted in May of first-degree murder of Sierra and the attempted kidnappings of three women in 2009.
UPDATE 5/9/17 –  Antolin Garcia-Torres has been found guilty of murdering Sierra LaMar.  The jury will decide whether to recommend the death penalty for Antolin.
US News reported:  “Prosecutors said they believe Garcia-Torres is a predator and that his kidnapping attempts of other women helped him prepare for Sierra’s abduction and murder. Garcia-Torres pleaded not guilty to charges of trying to kidnap and carjack three women in 2009 as they returned to their cars late at night in Morgan Hill parking lots.”


UPDATE 6/23/14 –  Antolin Garcia-Torres was charged in the abduction and abduction of Sierra LaMar.  Garcia-Torres, a grocery store clear has also been charged in attempted kidnapping of three women in 2009.   Sierra has still not been found.

All upcoming and past court dates can be found here

UPDATE:  Dec 27, 2012

Garcia Torres was formally arraigned on Wednesday for attempting to kidnap three different women in 2009.  He has not entered a plea yet on a charge that he murdered Sierra.  Sierra’s DNA was found in Torres’red Volkswagen Jetta.  Torres DNA was found in her handbag, and in his red Volkswagen Jetta.  Sierra’s hairs were found on a rope in the trunk of his car. Sierra remains missing.

UPDATE:  July 31, 2012  Antolin Garcia-Torres was a no-show in court today.  Garcia-Torres was suppose to enter a plea to murder and kidnapping charges but did not show up.  He is due back in court on August 29.  Garcia-Torres is being held without bail since his arrest.  Authorities say they believe that Sierra is dead.


UPDATE:  On Monday evening, an arrest has been made in connection with the disappearance of a Morgan Hill teen.

KTVU confirmed that Santa Clara sheriff’s deputies had in custody Antolin Garcia-Torres, 21. Garcia-Torres is the owner of the red VW Jetta that authorities were looking for and found and seized on May 8.

Garcia-Torres was arrested at where he works at the Safeway store on Tenant Avenue in Morgan Hill around 6:00 p.m. and taken to the San Jose Sheriff’s office and later to the county jail.

Sources have revealed that DNA evidence found on Sierra’s backpack linked Garcia-Torres to it.

Searching for Red Car


UPDATE: May 7, 2012, Police are searching for a red car in connection with the disappearance of a Morgan Hill teen

Authorities are searching for a red four-door sedan that was seen in the Morgan Hill area of Santa Clara County when Sierra LaMar, 15, disappeared almost two months ago.

The car is a red Jetta that was made in the 90s.  It is similar to the photo that the police have released, but it has a black hood, said police.

The car was in the vicinity of where Sierra disappeared, but the police do not know if Sierra was riding inside it, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

“Witnesses combined with investigative review of video surveillance sources have identified a vehicle similar to this car as being associated to Sierra’s disappearance,” Santa Clara County Sheriff’s spokesman Jose Cardoza said on Monday morning. “The Sheriff’s Office is asking the south county community to call the tip line with any information associated to the vehicle, which may assist detectives in the investigation.

UPDATE:  Santa Clara Sheriff’s office said on Wednesday March 21, that an analysis of Sierra’s cell phone has yielded no clues.

Steve Wayne LaMar

Authorities confirmed on Tuesday that Sierra’s biological father, Steve Wayne LaMar of Fremont, is a registered sex offender. The police say he has been cooperating and that he is not a person of interest in the case.

Update:  Sierra’s Juicy purse has been found about 2 miles from her home.   Inside were her clothes.

Update:  Police found the cell phone of missing Sierra in a field a few miles from her home.  The police located it by it’s tracking the ping.

Sierra Lamar, 15, is missing from Morgan Hill in Santa Clara County, California.  She was last seen about 6:00 a.m. when she left her home near Dougherty and Palm Avenues as she was heading to Sobrato High School but she never showed up at school.

Sierra is 5’2″ tall, think with olive complexion and long dark hair.  She may be carrying a black and pink Juicy purse.

If you have any information on her whereabouts, please call 408-299-2311.

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