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Suzanne Lyall: Missing from Albany since 1998

UPDATE 9/7/15 – Doug Lyall, Suzanne’s father has passed away.  Together with Tedisco’s support, Mary and Doug Lyall founded the Center for HOPE.  Sadly, he passes without knowing whatever happened to his daughter.  They were instrumental in getting Suzannes’ Law passed in 2003.

Original Story:  Suzanne Gloria Lyall, 19, from Albany, New York was last seen getting off a bus at the Collins Circle stop at the University of Albany campus on March 2, 1998.  Somewhere between the bus stop and her dorm room she vanished and has not been seen since.


Authorities found that Suzy’s debit card had been used at a nearby convenience store ATM around 4:00 p.m. that day.  Per CBS News the surveillance camera was not able to see who withdrew the money.  The pin number was used to withdraw $20.00.  Richard Condon, who was Suzy’s boyfriend said that Suzy and himself were the only one’s that had the number.

Condon never took a polygraph test and after the initial interview, would not speak to the police without his lawyer.

Suzy is 5’3″ tall, 175 pounds with dark blonde hair and blue eyes.  She also has a light brown birthmark on her left calf, mole on her left cheek beneath her ear lobe and a surgical scar on her left foot.

“Suzanne’s Law” requiring local police to notify the National Crime Information Center when someone between 18 and 21 is reported missing was signed into law by President Bush as part of the national “Amber Alert” bill. The federal law is named after Suzanne Lyall.  Previously police were only required to report missing persons under the age of 18.

Read letter from Suzy’s parents

“All I’m asking for is your response; a call to allow me and all the people whose lives Suzy touched to find peace and a sense of calm that disappeared on that night in March. The peace that can’t return until the questions surrounding Suzy’s disappearance are answered. You have held the answers for so long. You also hold the pain. Please talk to me.”
Douglas Lyall
Ballston Spa, New York

If you have any information please call the FBI or respond to Douglas at the link or if you want to remain anonymous, just leave a message here or send an anonymous email to me as others have done before and I will guarantee your identity will be kept secret.

FBI Poster

Missing Persons Day is organized by Doug and
Mary Lyall  of the Center for Hope in Albany


18 thoughts on “Suzanne Lyall: Missing from Albany since 1998

  1. Thank you for posting about cold cases! I know people go missing every day and you are so good about posting recent missing persons. But, I'm sure Suzy Lyall's family misses her terribly even to this day. Thanks for keeping her name in the news.

  2. You should mention that they have a description of the person who used the debit card (was neither Suzy or her boyfriend) and that person has never been identified but his sketch is available online.

  3. that is not definite. the sketch was a guy that went to the cash register around that time. no video on the atm. a few things stick out. the boyfriend admitted he is only one with atm # besides her. only $20 taken out, not the full amount in the account (reported $120). that $20 withdrawal screaming to me a move to try and stall investigators. and he lawyered up early on.

    at the minimum, if i was suzy parents, i would sue him and see what info you can weasel out of him. at this point you have to throw up a hail mary!

  4. if not boyfriend, they should have saved the surveillance tapes from her job at mall the last week before she went missing. then when they identified the guy from sketch, they should have went back to tapes to make sure he isnt in any photo's.. i would also interview the guy who worked with Suzy to see if he knew guy from sketch. 1+1=2

  5. I'm wondering if Castro has any link in the Albany, NY area. The recent escape of those three women in Cleveland, I'm hoping, will give the Lyall family new hope.

  6. Its Distressing To See How Many People In America Go Missing Each Year. So Scary. Im Glad I Decided To Not Have Children. Otherwise I Would Never Sleep Because Of Worry.

  7. If I where the person looking for Suzanne Lyall, I definitely look at campus security! I have looked at a lot of similar cases, with girls going missing on campus into thin air! This would most likely be someone she trusted! Although, by know means am I saying that campus security had anything to do with it, but it catches my curiosity that no one heard any loud screams that night, and where her I.D was found! So I would go back and look at some of the campus security, who worked that shift, the night she “disappeared”! I just think this was no random abduction!

  8. Her boyfriend wound b a person of interest in my opinion .. Why get a lawyer that quick and stop talking.. He was possessive as well

  9. Suzanne's computer hard drive had been removed and a new hard drive replaced..into it ..

  10. They shoild keep on pressuring her boyfriend. Her mother said that he acted as if nothing had happened. They arrested a man for attempting to kidnap a highschool student in that area. I would definitely use extreme interrogation techniques on that suspect to see what would happen.

  11. I think that the boyfriend should have to take a polygraph if nothing more than to rule him out. If you did nothing then there is nothing to hide. I would actually re-polygraph everyone. Something is just not right here. There are a few girls missing. However, no one heard loud screams or a scuffle? She got off the bus and vanished. So I think maybe she was picked up by someone she trusted and then was kidnapped. As far as the pin….2 people knew it so either he “Nike Man” had her and forced her to give the pin or the BF gave him the pin and hired him….in what is if I cannot have her no one will. They need to talk to that Collins guy again and maybe even offer a plea deal for information if he is really a strong suspect as indicated. Either way I pray they find her and my prayers also go out to the family. They need a fresh set of eyes maybe to look at this too. Once you are doing something for so long you can only do so much.

  12. To me, every time I see this episode of 'Disappeared', her boss stands out. Her badge was found in the work parking lot, and she would have trusted her boss to some degree. Perhaps he set her up…just the way he talks about her is strange and seems as though he is nervous or too confidant…just weird.

  13. Just saw the ID episode. They did find the 'Nike Man' at the register in the convenience store, and could not link him to anything, he could have just been a guy buying a newspaper in that time window. The store camera only showed people at the register, not in relation to the ATM. And as for her boss at the computer store, he was a classmate of mine in college in Saratoga, and that's just how he is– in regards to people commenting on his manner. Very outgoing, very friendly and chatty. That area has undergone a lot of renovation and is now modern with a lot of name shops, but pre-2000 a lot of areas were very rundown and poor. Albany has a lot of crime, and at night, as a lone young female on a college campus you'd be a target. Someone could have been sitting in a parked car in the lot, just waiting to see who got off the bus at night by themself.

  14. If you're referring to the Nike man they have identified him and the police do not believe he has any connection to her disappearance

  15. I still find it odd that the boyfriend lawyered up. You would think he would be doing everything possible to find her and if that means talking with investigators 100 times then you do it.

  16. Why should the boyfriend hire ablawyer to protect him frim being interviewed. He needs to be interogates. He was the obe who informed the parents she was missing. That could have been done to remove the suspicion from him . Why was he not involved in the entire search and everything afterwards. To me it is too strange and after so many years maybe even sspeakng to his family about his behaviour now. Guilt always surfaces. Did he marry anf have kids?

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