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Nikki Reynolds: Missing from Washington

Nikki Leah Reynolds, 22, is missing from Mount Vernon, Washington.  She has not been heard from by her family.  Nikki’s vehicle was found, but police do not suspect foul play at this time.

Nikki is 5’2″ tall, brown hair and 160 pounds.  She has a lip ring and tattoos of a nautical star on each wrist and a tribal design on her neck.

If you know her whereabouts, please call 360-336-6255.

6 thoughts on “Nikki Reynolds: Missing from Washington

  1. Lip ring, tattoos on both wrists AND on her neck? Bad choices lead down a bad path.

  2. Tattoos have nothing to do with going down a bad path nor are a factor is something bad happening to you as a victim

  3. ur gonna critisize realy its a missing persons report not lets judge the person on the report….duh
    hang in there nikki

  4. Are u fucking joking me?? A couple tattoos and a piercing lead down a dark path? Let me guess you in ur 50-60s++ and still think its 1964, right?

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