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Maria Claudia Murphy: New video released FOUND

mariaclaudemurphyMaria’s remains have been found, click here to read. Her remains were discovered less than a mile northeast of that intersection. The Broward County Medical Examiner released the autopsy in which it listed the official cause of death as “undetermined”.

Original story: I been looking over the map (see below) in regards to the case of missing Maria Claudia Murphy, 45.

Today, the police released a video tape of Maria parking her car at a restaurant at 7932 Sample Road in Margate, Florida around 1:00 p.m. and walking east throughout the parking lot.  Then we see her walking through the Mobil gas station and then next she is seen walking down the sidewalk on Sample Road.

As I look at the route and watch the video I became curious as to where she was going.  So, I watched the video and then traced the steps on Google map.

She was seen on surveillance video eastbound on Sample Road. About 2:45 p.m., she was seen standing on the northeast corner of Copans and Lyons roads in Coconut Creek. She was seen there on video recorded by a passing Broward County Transit bus.

The red A depicts where Maria parked her car.

First,  it seems to me that Maria knows exactly where she is going.  In fact, I believe she has parked her car there before and has walked this route before.  But, where is she headed?  It doesn’t seem to be a random route.  So, using Google I walked the street and wondered if she was going to the house complex, called the Carolina Club.  Why didn’t she drive her car there?  That I don’t know, but I know the closest she could get to parking near there is where she parked.  The only other option is a parking lot across the street, but with the wide street with the fast moving cars, it would be difficult to sprint across the road.  Leaving the only option of the nearest place to park to be at the restaurant.

Did she park her car and then walk to meet someone?  Was she walking to get on the bus?

There is always the thought that someone picked her up.  But, whenever I have seen this happen, for example someone having a rendezvous, the person is picked up by the other person right by their own car.  So, I am going to rule that idea out.

Where ever she went, she didn’t want to take her car and if we can figure out why she did that, then we could probably figure where she is.


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