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Carl Wiegand: Man missing near Falcon Dam

Carl Jonathan Wiegand from Texas was last heard from on March 9 near Falcon Dam.  He was in Monterrey visiting family.  He was going to cross back into the U.S. at Falcon Dam but then was redirected to cross at the Roma crossing.  Carl was expect to appear at a funeral for an uncle but he never showed up nor had he been in touch with any family members.

“They said he called about 9:00 p.m. and he was near the Falcon Lake Dam, but it was dark and it was closed so he was going to drive father south and look for a bridge that was open.  They called him back about an hour and a half later and he didn’t answer his phone,” said his sister Gretchen Wiegand Mayo.

Wiegand is 5’9″ tall and 165 pounds with brown hair and eyes.  He was driving a 1998 maroon Chevrolet Blazer with Texas plates.

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