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Caleb, 4, missing from Kia Kima campsite in Arkansas Found

Caleb Linn

UPDATE March 28, 2012 – Sadly, today searchers have found the body of a Caleb Linn in a river at the northern Arkansas Boy Scout camp where he disappeared during the weekend, said the boy’s uncle.

Chris Bruner told The Associated Press that the body of his nephew, Caleb Linn, was recovered from the South Fork of the Spring River in the Ozark foothills.

UPDATE:  March 27, 2012
On Tuesday, a cadaver dog made a “Hit” around noon, about a quarter mile from the bridge that Caleb was last seen.  Then a little later in the afternoon, rescue workers found Caleb’s green and orange shirt.

UPDATE: Caleb who will be 5 next month is still missing.  On Monday divers will begin to search the water for him.

UPDATE:  Daylight has run out on the second day of searching for Caleb Linn.

Teams of volunteer fire fighters from various agencies, a team of emergency responders and volunteers have searched Saturday and Sunday for Caleb.

“Well at first I didn’t, I didn’t expect, the boy might be, maybe he was just lost and the longer this has been going on, the less I think about it. It’s tragic, I was hoping we could find him,” said Fulton County Sheriff Kenneth Foley. “I hope we find him all well that’s what I’m hoping for.”  As of Sunday, Caleb is still missing.

If you can help search, please sign in at Camp Kia Kima.  You will be given a number and an area to search.

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The family of the little boy were in the park picking up trash when his cousins headed back to a cabin at the Kia Kima Boy Scout Reservation.

Caleb tried to keep up, but couldn’t.  The Aunt and Uncle did not know Caleb was missing until they returned to the cabin and learned he never caught up with his cousin’s.

Searchers have been looking since 11:30 a.m. Saturday, March 24, 2012 around the South Fork of the Spring River, and will continue through the night using FLIR thermal detecting technology to locate him.

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  1. Sad story. Just how old are the cousins that the elders allowed them to be the care of the Caleb. Truly sad story.

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