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Devin Davis: Toddler missing from home in Cleveland Texas Found

UPDATE: The Liberty County Sheriff’s Office said the medical examiner ruled Monday that the Devon’s death was an accidental drowning in April 2012.   Devon’s parents went and picked up their daughter Abbygale in April from CPS and went back to Virginia where they lived before moving to Texas for employment. 

UPDATE:3/31/2012 The Houston Chronicle reports that Devin’s body as been found.  The drone aircraft camera picked up his red shirt floating in a pond about 300-yards from where he was last seen.

UPDATE:  3/31/2012  During a press conference on Saturday, the Liberty County Sheriff Dept., has said the case has become a criminal case.  No names were mentioned nor reason.

April Davis, 27, the mother of missing 2-year-old Devon Davis has voluntarily taken a polygraph test.

Liberty County Sheriff’s spokesman, Rex Evans will not talk about the results, but a person who is in law enforcement and is close to the investigation said on Friday, that April failed part of the polygraph test. The source would not say which part of the polygraph test she failed but they did say that because of her emotional state it did not mean anything nefarious happened.

Yesterday, a neighbor came forward and told yourhoustonnews that April had lost custody of an older child when they were in Earlysville, Virginia.  April was asked to talk about it, but she turned and walked away.

 UPDATE: 3/30/2012

 The case was reported as a simple case of a child wandering away from their home, but today more information is coming out that seems to point to a different possibility, that there may be foul play involved.

April Davis said that she bolted the front door when she laid down with the kids.  When she woke up about 25 minutes later the door was unlatched, wide open and Devin, who incidentally was barefoot, was gone.  She also said that the doors to her Jeep which had been closed were ajar.  Everyone knows there is no way that a 2-year old child would have the strength to open a car door. 

She also said that the upstairs window where the children were sleeping had been left open and Texas Rangers had investigated the window and found drops of material on the ground and collected it. 

When Liberty County Sheriff’s spokesman Rex Evans was asked what they found, he said, “We’re not letting that out.”

Up to this point, this case has been reported as one of a child wandering off.  But, with the new information about the open window, the open car door, and collected evidence, we are seeing similarities to other cases of abducted children or foul play of a child, that have monopolized the media.  Even Devin’s mother, believes that someone knows something.

Plus, four dozen cadaver dogs that have searched have not alerted, which they would not have, if Devin was still alive. 

If there is evidence pointing to the fact Devin is alive, the public needs to know, so we can help keep an eye out for this little boy.

First Story:

Devin Davis, 2,  was last seen around 3:15 p.m.Tuesday at home in the Sam Houston Lakes Estate in Tarkington,Texas in Liberty County.

Devin’s mother said she woke up from a nap and he was gone.

Capt. Rex Evans with the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office said Devin’s parents have been cooperating in the investigation. Investigators said Devin’s mother took a nap with her other son who is a 1-year-old because she was  exhausted.  Devin’s father was at work

Detectives said they have searched every building in a one-mile radius of the home without luck and are using sonar to search in the water, which has been very difficult as their is so much debris in the water.

Police said nothing has been ruled out in the case, including the possibility that Devin let himself out of the home.  Devin’s mother said when she woke up the front door was wide open.

The Davis family just moved from Virginia last week according to The Cleveland Advocate.

Devin is 30 inches tall, 40 pounds with blue eyes and red hair.  He was wearing a gray and burgundy jersey,blue jeans and Spiderman tennis shoes

A command post has already been set up at the boys home and the police the child has either wandered off or has been abducted.

This is the same area that I talked about where forty people are missing. Read here.

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