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Fort Bliss soldiers missing in New Mexico Found

UPDATE:  Mummert has come out of the wilderness this morning and said he was okay.  Weber and Gonzalez are expected out today, too.  I don’t know why Mummert came out first but I suspect they sent him ahead and Weber and Gonzalez are still on the kayack.  It seems the Kayacking trip that normally would take 3 days to do, took much longer because of the drought, causing the water to run slower and all dry places where they had to carry the boat.  Glad to hear they are okay, I hope their CO won’t be too mad at them.

Spc. Alton Weber, Sgt. Nicholas Mummert and Angelica Gonzalez are missing in the Gila National forest.

Weber, Mummert and Gonzalez went for a weekend camping trip and kayaking at the Mogollon Creek on the Gila River and did not return. Weber and Mummert, who are from the 4th Brigade, 1st Armored Division at Fort Bliss missed formation on Monday morning.

There may be two other soldiers with them, but that has not been confirmed.

A white Suburban was found at the Grapevine camp site around 1:30 p.m. Monday.  The vehicle belongs to the father of Weber. 

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