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Wyatt Nordrum: Missing boy from Minnesota Found

UPDATE:  Wyatt his father, James were found in a rural cabin in St. Louis County’s Stoney Brook Township late Saturday nigh about 11:30 p.m.t.   with the help of tips from the public, according to the St. Louis County Sheriff’s office.
James is in intensive care and stable condition following surgery at St. Luke’s hospital in Duluth after suffering self-inflicted injuries, according to his attorney, Terri Port Wright.
Port Wright said Wyatt has been reunited with his mother and he is fine.

Wyatt’s mother said it was her understanding that James injured himself when he learned that the police had located him.  A release from the sheriff’s office said he sustained “self-inflicted neck injuries.”

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New information has come out regarding the case of missing Wyatt Nordrum, 7, who has allegedly been taken by his father, James Nordrum, after a judge awarded sole custody to Wyatt’s mother, Candice.

On Thursday, April 5, Nancy Grace spoke to a cousin on the father’s side of the family, Amy Hill and the maternal grandfather of Wyatt, Randy Wilde reports the Duluth News Tribune.

During that interview new information came out from Amy Hill who said the family received a text message from Wyatt’s cell phone on Tuesday that said, “Hello, how are things going?”

According to St. Louis County Deputy Lt. Jason Lukovsky he found out about this on Thursday morning.

Authorities are family are concerned for Wyatt’s safety as Nordrum has health issues and had threatened to harm Wyatt if he lost custody, so why did it take the family TWO DAYS to tell the police they had gotten that text message?

Police have done ground searches at the father’s home and the grandfather’s home.  They have done aerial search and said they were frustrated as there was nothing to go on.  No one has seen them in a car or on foot, and there was no cell phone activity and then it comes out this Thursday morning that the family had gotten a message from Wyatt’s cell phone.

That bit of information was valuable and could have helped the police immensely and to not tell them about it is just plain dumb.

Local law enforcement checked property owned by Nordrum and his father in St. Louis County and Carton County, including Nordrums home on 3819 Brookston Road in Minnesota, west of Duluth .

There was a tip that Nordrum and Wyatt may have been seen in East Bethel, Minnesota last week.  Investigators will be looking at some video on Friday to see if it was actually them or not.

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