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Larry Stackhouse: Teen missing from New York since 2005

It was brought to my attention today that Larry Stackhouse Jr, 19, from Syracuse, New York disappeared on December 2, 2005.    He had gone to a basketball game at Christian Bothers Academy in DeWitt.  A friend he was with said he dropped him off at a store on the way home, by his home, but he was never seen again. 

His dad believes that Larry was kidnapped, murdered and his body is concealed somewhere on the Onondaga Nation Territory, because he has received calls, letters and other information tat points to certain individuals.  The police followed up on many leads, but nothing came of them and one source they ruled incompetent.

The Onondaga nation has cooperated with the investigation and police have searched with cadaver dogs but nothing was found.

The Stackhouse’s have said that many of the media have sent them denial letters about covering their case, but the Huffington Post is running a story on it this week and you know me, I will never turn down anyone that wants to speak up on their case.

And there is speculation that Larry may have voluntarily ran away as he had some arrest warrants.

“The media would never give us an opportunity to state our story,” Stackhouse Sr. said. “My son, for example, had an outstanding loud music and a seat belt ticket. He never got them taken care of and when he came up missing, they made it sound like he was running from the law. These were misdemeanors but yet they put it out there like he was a real criminal. It disturbed us.”

I an hoping that Investigative Discovery channel will take a look at this case and consider doing a story on it. 

Larry would be 25 today.  He is 5’10” tall, 170 pounds with short black hair and brown eyes and a tattoo of his name on his right arm.  His teeth are capped and he has an earring in his left ear.

If you have any information on this case, please contact the Syracuse Police Dept. at 315-442-5222. 

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  1. Its sad how you never hear about some of these cases. Everyone deserves to be found. If this was my child I would be so frustrated that no one is trying to help. Prayers for his family.

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