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Police searching for father and 4 children after high speed chase Found

UPDATE:  April 13, 2012 – Nine-year-old Noe Aranda Jr., six-year-old Chaylee Aranda, five-year-old Freddie Noe Aranda and three-year-old Maddoxlee Noe Aranda were found Friday evening in the Houston area.

They were dropped off at their mother’s home by the kid’s uncle around 9pm.  Noe Soto-Aranda, remains at large.

A citizen called the police when he saw Noe Soto-Aranda, 31, and his wife, Luz Lacayo, fighting while driving down the freeway,in Bissonnet, Texas. Police found them around 6:30 p.m., and Luz pulled over to the side of the freeway and was attempting to get the kids out of the truck when Noe jumped into the driver’s seat and sped away with the children.

“One of our units got behind the vehicle. The female, when she saw the units pull up, she got out of the car, tried to get her kids out of the car. The husband jumped in the car, got in the driver’s seat and took off with the kids,” HPD Sgt. Ronald Borza said.

Police chased after him through the Houston area, but lost him in the Richmond area. Then around 9:30 p.m., the police spotted the pickup truck and followed it along Oilfield Road. When police caught up to the truck, Noe and his 4 children were gone. Police are searching for Noe and his 4 children, ages 3-9. Noe has several open warrants including an evading charge.

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