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Porshia Atwell: Amber Alert from West Virginia cancelled Porshia found

UPDATE: March 14, 2012

Porshia Atwell is safe and her father is in custody.  West Virginia Police Officers said that Tracey Atwell was arrested without incident Saturday at 4:45 p.m.   Tracy’s was taken to police headquarters.  Law enforcement informed the media that there would be a media conference later on that day.

There is an active Amber Alert for Porshia Atwell, 8, of Camp Creek, West Virginia.

Porshia’s father, Tracey Lee Atwell, 38,  entered the home of Porchia’s grandparents were she was living and told them that he had killed his wife (Porshia’s mother).  He then tied them up and robbed them and took Porshia with him.

“It is believe that Tracy Atwell tied up his parents, robbed and stole their 1999 white Grand Cherokee Laredo,” Amos said. “He then abducted his eight-year-old daughter. His parents had custody of her at the time. He advised his parents he had killed his wife before he robbed them. I do not know his parents condition at this time, but they were able to talk with police when they arrived on scene. When police responded to the scene of his home, they found his wife dead. There is a massive manhunt underway in reference to the murder, kidnapping and robbery.”

The grandparents were able to free themselves and called the police.

Atwell is considered to be armed and dangerous.

Porshia Atwell is 4’2″ tall, and 75 pounds.

Tracey Atwell is 6’2″ tall, 180 pounds with hazel eyes.

They both may be in a white Jeep Cherokee Laredo with West Virginia License Plate number 6C3202.

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