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Charlotte Molanari: Missing teen from Santa Rosa Found

UPDATE:  Sad, sad, news.  Charlotte’s body has been found.  Police have ruled it as a suicide.

The police are still searching for a missing Santa Rosa teen that went missing at Annadel State Park last weekend.

Charlotte Anna Molanari, 15, left her home on her bike around 9:45 Saturday morning to go to either Spring Lake or Annadel State Park in Santa Rosa, California.

Charlotte’s cellphone, email and internet records have been obtained by the police and on Thursday they found that Charlotte had researched the route to Veterans Memorial Trail.

Law enforcement have been talking to Charlottes friends and classmates at Sonoma Academy in hopes of finding some information that would lead to her whereabouts. 

2 thoughts on “Charlotte Molanari: Missing teen from Santa Rosa Found

  1. Such a tragic and sad thing. I wish these young people could see that things will get better no matter how bad it may seem at this point in life…I hate to hear about kids taking their own lives over things that won't seem so important if you could just give it some time. I realize now at 35 years old that things are entirely different in every way than you can ever imagine at 15,16,18,25 or anywhere in between…you think that it won't ever be better or that today is the most important day ever but it really will be much better if you give yourself and everyone around you some more time to mature and change…so sad and tragic that young people believe there is no other way than suicide, it breaks my heart

  2. We must remember too, that every case the police chalk up as “suicide” often is anything but. Seems as though they ruled it as such after a short, if any, investigation AFTER or before finding her remains.

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