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Chris Yenney: Dedicates song to the missing

Chris Yenney is a young song writer that I first learned about when I heard the song he wrote called “Amber,” which is about a missing person.  I was immediately struck by his beautiful voice and after only a few moments of watching his video, I knew that he was a rising star.

Chris has been writing, performing and producing his own music for seven years now.  His first album, “On the Surface” was released in 2008.

After hearing “Amber,”  I definitely wanted to know more about Chris and what brought him to write the song.  The melody and words will touch your heart, and it is quickly becoming “the” song that represents missing persons all over the world.

Chris agreed to do an exclusive interview with me and if you would like to read it, please click here.  You can also watch and listen to his song “Amber,” below.

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