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Fort Bragg murders since 1970

While researching the case of missing Kelli Bordeaux, I found out that there has been 16 cases of murdered woman at Fort Bragg or by Fort Bragg soldiers.  The first one was the 1970 murder case of the wife and two children of Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald, an Army doctor with the Green Berets.  MacDonald’s pregnant wife and two children were murdered in the family’s home at Fort Bragg.  The case gained national attention, including an infamous book called Fatal Vision, first published in the spring of 1983, and an acclaimed mini series.  MacDonald was convicted in 1979 and as recently as October 2011, is still continuing his appeal.  The last case was in 2008, Fort Bragg nurse Army Lt. Holley Wimunc who went missing on July 11.  Her charred remains were found July 13 near Camp Lejeune. Wimunc was going through a divorce with her husband Cpl. John Wimunc.  Wimunc and his friend  Kyle Alden were charged with her murder. 

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