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Lin: Missing man from Mason Texas Found

UPDATE:  Lin has been found alive and safe on Sunday.

This came in from the MPofA Facebook Fanpage – 

Please keep Lin and our family in your prayers. Lin left Wednesday morning on a motorcycle trip and we have not heard from him since…this is so highly out or character of him. My fear is that he is in distress and needs help and is possibly along the roadside but is not visible to passerbys. We have notified law enforcement but we want to turn all the dogs lose. The family is meeting at his parents home this morning to come up with a game plan to begin a search for him. We can only pray that we have missed the mark with this high alert mode but we cannot sit around and do nothing because every moment is precious. If you are traveling please take note of the surroundings in an attempt to bring this precious man back home to us. We have no idea which direction he was heading and it’s only a guess but we are thinking he may be within a four hour radius of Mason. My cell phone number is 325/347-7813 and Nicole’s is 210/827-3540 and Dillon’s number is 325/805-1205. Thank you.

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