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Porter Stone: Missing boy in line for heart transplant Found

UPDATE:  April 25, 2012 – Porter has

been recovered safely in Chicago, authorities said Wednesday.

Previous story:
Five-year-old Porter Stone is missing after he was just released from the St. Louis Children’s Hospital where he had just been discharged hooked up to an IV machine, as he was the next in line to receive a heart transplant.
Tuesday afternoon, the boys father, Jeffrey Stone, took the boy with him to the pharmacy to check on his medication.  Instead, he went to the car and then called  his estranged wife, Tiffany Stone, Porter’s mother, and said he was leaving.  The police believe that Stone’s mother, Rhonda Marie Matthews, is also in the Toyota Corolla that Jeffrey is driving.

Porter is 46″ tall, 44 pounds and was wearing a grey t-shirt, black and white plaid shorts and a pair of Spider Man tennis shoes.  He was also carrying a back pack that says “ICU”containing the medical equipment.

Jeffery Stone is 33, 6’6” tall, 230 pounds with a shaved head.  He was wearing a grey shirt, black shorts and a San Francisco Giants baseball cap.  He was carrying a Nike back pack.

The vehicle is a silver of black 4-door Toyota Corolla with California plates 6BMU445.

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