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Boris Avdeev: Missing after ski trip to Mono County Found

UPDATE:  May 4, 2012 – Boris’ body was found on Thursday.  Rescue teams are attempting to  retrieve the body from steep, icy terrain located at the 10,670-foot level.

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Boris Avdeev, 31, has not been heard from since April 19 when he set out on his solo ski trip to Mono County, Calif.

His car was found near the Cocaine Chute ski area.

Avdeev, is a native of St. Petersburg, Russia, and lives in South Lake Tahoe.  He studied at the University of Michigan and is a geologist.

Avdeev left a note on is windshield wiper that is a common procedure for experienced hikers.  On the note he said he was going up Mount Dana Couloir for the day to ski down Cocaine Chute.

Because of the warmer temperatures, there has been avalanches over the past several weeks. 

Sheriff’s SA teams have been searching the area for Avdeev, but have not found him.  On Thursday, a helicopter and rescue dog teams will search.

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