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George Gudenrath: Missing from Arizona Found

UPDATE:  Nov. 21, 2012 – George’s remains were found in Kim in Las Animas County in Colorado.
On Nov. 19, a  19 NOV 2012, a body was located in the area of George’s GMC truck. Due to the advanced stage of decomposition, immediate official confirmed id was was not made till a few days later. 
His stepson thinks Gudenrath may have had a stroke- and got confused about where he was.
UPDATE:  May 17, 2012 – There are no new leads on the disappearance of George who got lost 200 miles from his destination of Colorado.

George was heading to Denver to help his son move to Illinois. Gudenrath’s stepson Steve Beal said Friday that Gudenrath called the son April 24, but never showed up. Police in his destination of Lakewood say Gudenrath’s cell phone was pinged to a tower around noon that day 25 miles south of Las Animas, Colo., more than 200 miles away.

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  1. Any new information regarding this gentleman? I live in the Springs and I haven't heard any news regarding this case for awhile.

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