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Isabel Celis: Why did CPS go to Celis house?

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UPDATE:  I just found this information in 2015:  On May 17, 2012 it was released that Child Protective Services workers went to Isabel Celis’ home in December of 2011.

CPS representatives would not discuss the case. Tucson police Lt. Fabian Pacheco confirmed the department was aware of the CPS visit to the Celis home but said he did not know the circumstances.

Original story:  Child Protective Services were called out to the Celis’ home before 6-year-old Isabel Celis went missing.  I have heard two different timelines.  One was they were called a couple of months ago, and another sometime last year.  Without CPS talking it is hard to confirm, although you could consider that both are right, they were there last year and a couple of months ago, as CPS could arrive several times for an initial interview and follow-up.

I wanted to know more about who or what would drive someone to call, so I went to the Arizona Child Protective Services website to learn more.  I learned who could call and make a complaint and what happens when they check on a complaint.

According to their website this is who can file a complaint:

   “Any physician, physician’s assistant, optometrist, dentist, osteopath, chiropractor, podiatrist, behavioral health professional, nurse, psychologist, counselor or social worker who develops the reasonable belief in the course of treating a patient.
    Any peace officer, member of the clergy, priest or Christian Science practitioner.
    The parent, stepparent or guardian of the minor.
    School personnel or domestic violence victim advocates who develop the reasonable belief in the course of their employment.
    Any other person who has responsibility for the care or treatment of the minor.”

This list does not say “neighbor.”

So what is child abuse and neglect?  The website states:

   “Physical abuse includes non-accidental physical injuries such as bruises, broken bones, burns, cuts or other injuries.
    Sexual abuse occurs when sex acts are performed with children. Using children in pornography, prostitution or other
types of sexual activity is also sexual abuse.
    Neglect occurs when children are not given necessary care for illness or injury. Neglect also includes leaving young
children unsupervised or alone, locked in or out of the house, or without adequate clothing, food, or shelter.  Allowing children to live in a very dirty house which could be a health hazard may also be considered neglect.
    Emotional abuse of a child is evidenced by severe anxiety, depression, withdrawal or improper aggressive behavior as diagnosed by a medical doctor or psychologist, and caused by the acts or omissions of the parent or caretaker.
    Exploitation means use of a child by a parent, guardian or custodian for material gain.
    Abandonment means the failure of the parent to provide reasonable support and to maintain regular contact with the child, including providing normal supervision, when such failure is intentional and continues for an indefinite period.”

So you are left with combining two speculations together.  For example:  A teacher called because they saw evidence of bruises.  A pastor called because one of the children seemed depressed.  A grandparent called because they felt the children were being exploited.  You get what I mean, it can be scrambled all different types of ways to try and make a fit, but none of them are frivolous.

The reasons CPS should be called is, “.. that a minor is or has been the victim of physical injury, abuse, child abuse, a reportable offense or neglect that appears to have been inflicted on the minor,” are serious.

It also states that if it is a complaint by a person who does NOT care for the child, then it should be reported to a police officer.  At this time I do not know if CPS was contacted first or the police.

I also found out that when CPS investigates that will pick a neutral environment and talk to the child.  So probably, the first initial contact was done at the school.  Afterwards, CPS follows up with a visit to the home.

Also, interesting is that CPS does not call the police unless the abuse or neglect is caused by a person who is not a parent OR if it is a parent the allegations are criminal like sex abuse.  This would put a whole interesting twist on everything.  Whatever did happen to Isabel’s cousin, Justin Mastromarino?  Click here to see a video of him talking.  Police have confirmed that Pima County detectives are scrutinizing the prior arrest and prior living arrangements of Justin Mastromarino who lived with the Celis’ for a time in 2011.

Also, if CPS were called last year, 2011, it would even more be curious if Mastromarino was involved.  And if so, who called?  The parent’s themselves or another family member?

“Uncle” Justin on right, Pamela Mastromarino in backseat

It takes approximately 30 days for CPS to follow up and conclude an investigation into a complaint. 

The children are not removed from a home, unless CPS feels the children are at immediate risk in their home. 

If CPS considers the complaint to be substantiated, then the family is allowed to ask for an appeal hearing by the Protective Services Review Team.  If they find the evidence to be substantiated, a hearing will be scheduled and a judge will make the final decision about the allegations and findings.

We can assume that the abuse was substantiated.  Two men are no longer in the household.  Justin and Sergio.  Sergio was allegedly “asked” to leave the home, but what if “Uncle” Justin was also asked to leave last year.

Were those two male voices that were heard outside the neighbors window, Sergio and Justin, who was coming back to the home without Rebecca knowing it? 

Now, going by the child abuse and neglect list above.  We can only guess which one caused Sergio’s separation from the boys, and if Isabel was still in the house, possible separation from her, too.

2 thoughts on “Isabel Celis: Why did CPS go to Celis house?

  1. Let me start by saying..I respect your opinion..I can tell you this might not be stated on website but ANYONE can call CPS. Calling anonymously they follow up on report by home visit, school visit, doesn't matter where, then if they really do not see much concern but are just not sure , they offer service , meaning “voluntary Cps” involvement depending on state person/s live in, “CPS works w/ family to get back on track..providing classes on whatever your circumstances are/ Drugs, Abuse, neglect Domestic Violence..etc they help with cost of these classes provide transportation CPS has the authority to put stipulations on “VOLUNTARY CPS CASE” such as parent can live with child as long as…parent and minors are staying with a pre screened family member, or friend, random drug test, drug alcohol program, parenting…whatever the case may be. can help wit housing cost and furnishings…this is for a 6 month period they assist you and do monthly visits…then when 6 months is coming up they make sure its all good and close case. if Involuntary they might remove children not just one, all kids they give 6months of services and the main goal is getting KIDS back in home with parents after 6months court hearing if all is going accordingly they give you another 6 months of services in most cases you start of with supervised visits and supervised phone calls main goal is to have family reunited..+I also want to say if you are pulled over by law enforcement and you get DUI, or have drugs or children are looking abused or domestic violence they can call CPS on the spot or have someone show up for follow up.. at your home or childs school..

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