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Andrew Haukereid: Missing while traveling to Chicago Found

UPDATE:  June 20, 2012
An AMTRAC employee found the body of Andrew Haukereid Jr., 79, on Saturday, June 16, near Knobel, Ark., on a levee, about 20 feet from the tracks, Clay County Sheriff Gerald McClung said in a prepared statement.

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Andrew Haukereid, 79, went missing while on a train heading to Chicago.

Andrew was traveling left San Antonio, Texas last weekend on the Amtrack and was going to arrive at Union Station in Chicago on Sunday, but he never arrived.

A passenger on the train said he last saw Andrew as the train was traveling between Little Rock, Ark and St. Louis.

Video does not show Andrew getting off the train in either St. Louis or Chicago.

Andrew’s luggage was still on the train in Chicago, including his prescription drugs and high blood pressure medicine.

Andrew who is also known as Junior has curly grey hair and tanned.  He is 5’6″ tall and 150 pounds.  He was last seen wearing black dress pants, black shoes and a red t-shirt and blue jacket.

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