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Justin Gaines: Missing from Georgia since 2007

justin gaines

Justin Gaines Missing Person Georgia

Justin Gaines has been missing from Georgia since November 1, 2007.  In 2015, two people were arrested in connection with his disappearance.

UPDATE 9/1/15 – A renewed search for Justin Gaines has begun after a tip came in saying his remains were in a well in Walton county, says WSBT News.  

The tip was not specific so the police have gone to the High Shoals area near the Apalachee River and have pumped several wells looking for him.

New information has come out regarding Justin Gaines’ disappearance.

“We were able to identified every single call made in the last 30 minutes. Basically, there was a flurry of activity,” Gwinnett County Sgt. Troy Tobler said. “People that we spoke too that he actually talked to [said] he was calling for a ride. It was something that had been done before. He was just trying to get someone to come get him.”

No one he spoke with that night was able to come pick him up. “He didn’t say anything that would have led any of them to believe his life was in danger or that he was intending on walking off,” Sgt. Tobler told Atlanta 11 news.

At 2:00 am, his phone went dead. “We never heard from the phone again,” Sgt. Tobler said.

Justin reportedly has two fake IDs. The names: Brad Shewe and Brad Allen. He has diamond studs in both ears and the last time he was seen, Justin was wearing a long-sleeved gray with “Abercrombie” stamped on the chest. He attends Gainesville State College in Oconee, GA and is normally good about checking in with his family.

Click here to see the surveillance video.

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