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Lauren Spierer and Mickey Shunick: Is it the same white truck?

White truck in Lauren Spierer case

UPDATE:  July 6, 2012 –

Today they have arrested Brandon Lavernge for the murder of Mickey Shunick. Mickey’s body has not been found.  What is interesting is that Lafayette Chief of Police Jim Craft said that the footage of Shunick the night of her disappearance eventually led detectives to identify the white truck as belonging to Lavergne, and how police were able to place Lavergne in the area on May 19.  Also, that truck was found burned in Texas and shortly after Brandon purchased another truck almost identical to the one found burned.

 Previous story:

Back in October of 2011, Chelsea Hoffman wrote on her website about some information that she received from a person that was going by the name of “Eagle Eye” in regards to the case of missing Lauren Spierer the college student that went missing June 3, 2011.  “Eagle Eye” wanted Chelsea to look at the photo of the white truck that was released in connection with her case.  “Eagle Eye” believed that there was someone in the back of the truck.

What was  interesting about the photo of the truck (above) is you can see a blurred something in the back of the truck as “Eagle Eye” pointed out, but even more interesting is, as Chelsea points out, the truck is empty in one of the frames and then “15 to 20 minutes later, the very same part of the truck contains a mass of white and black that looks like a kind of blob in small, undefined photos.”  The truck appeared on video at 4:14 a.m., then again on 4:24 a.m., after it circled the block. 

At the time they believed that the truck was a white four-door truck, possible a 2000 Chevrolet with a bed liner and distinct rims.  Also it was thought to have some writing on the side panel of the door and some kind of equipment in the bed.   (They are referring to the white and black in the back as what was mentioned before. )  

There was also speculation that it was a full-size white Chevrolet Silverador or mid-sized Colorado. 

And “Eagle Eye” is not the only person that sees a person in the back, there are many more on the internet that believe it is a person.

Example: Silverado HD271 truck with graphics

But, before you can get excited that there may be a sure-fire lead and new clues, the Bloomington police announced they talked to the owner of the truck and it had been ruled out.  They also said that equipment was in the back of the truck.  (I have not heard if they ever said what type of truck it actually turned out to be.) 

Why I am bringing all of this up now is because of the white truck that was seen in the vicinity of where Mickey Shunick, a University of Lafayette student was last seen.

White truck in Mickey Shunick case

When you look at both of the photos together these trucks look the same.  I know that white is the most popular color for vehicles but the shape of it is spot on and both have 4-doors.  Also, remember there was a woman that accepted a ride from a man who was driving a white GMC Sierra 2500 Texas Edition.  That looks similar to this photo.  This is a 2012 Chevrolet Texas Edition.  It was difficult to find a photo of a 4-door one to show here, let alone a white one. 

Chevrolet 2500 Texas Edition

Also, this truck has been said to have 18-inch alloy wheels and a Z71 sticker. 

As of last week, police continue to seek information on the white 4-door Chevrolet Z71 pickup truck in Mickey’s case.

I can’t see anyone in the back of this truck in connection with Mickey’s disappearance, but she could have been in the cab though and her bike could have been in the back. 

As far as Lauren is concerned, maybe the “blob” is not her and it is equipment like the police said, but maybe she was never in the back of that truck.  Maybe she was sitting in the cab and it was equipment in the back of the truck or maybe she was sitting in the cab and there was another person sitting in the back. 

What do you think?  Are these two trucks the same or merely a coincidence?

Mickey Shunick last seen May 19, 2012

5 thoughts on “Lauren Spierer and Mickey Shunick: Is it the same white truck?

  1. they arrested Brandon Scott Lavergne for the murder of Mickey Shunick today.

  2. I feel very strongly that Brandon Scott Lavergne may be responsible for other abductions in TX and LA and other areas. For the record he also owns a 1991 red Dodge Stealth and he is a tier III sex offender with a history of burning houses and threatening his rape victims with burning down their homes.
    He has friends/relatives in TX and rented a red Chevy Aveo in Spring TX after burning his truck in Coldspring, TX.

  3. Mickey's body was identified today. Pray for the family and community.
    Is the picture from Lauren's case in a mirror? I don't see the gas cap but I do see a blonde in the back of the truck wearing black.

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