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Erika Rivera: Missing teen from Massachusetts Found

UPDATE:  June 7 – 2012

“Early this afternoon, the Boston Police located Erica Rivera at a residence in the city. She is safe and in their custody. The circumstances of her disappearance are still under investigation,” reported Belmont Police Lt. Richard Santangelo.

Erika Rivera, 13, is missing from Belmont, Massachusetts.  She was last seen at school on May 25, then on Sunday, her mother, Zenaida Roman received a phone call from her daughter.  She said she wanted to come home and then the phone call was cut off.

Zenaida believes that Erika is with a 16-year-old boy from Boston who she met on Facebook and talked about being in a gang.  She also believes the boy is holding Erika against her will.

Erika also disappeared with the boy in April, but her mother said that this time it is different. 

If you have any information, please call 617-993-2500.

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