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Madeleine Bridges: Missing from North Carolina Found

Update:  Found and returned to her father on February 28, 2012.

4 thoughts on “Madeleine Bridges: Missing from North Carolina Found

  1. Do you have any more information regaurding this case?
    I've tried finding anything about it online and I've just hit dead ends.
    There's nothing but this poster.
    It just blows my mind that someones 16 year old child is missing since FEBUARY and the only thing I've even heard about it is the poster on you're site. Is she assumed a run away? Apparently there's some sort of serial killer in NC is there a chance she could be one that he got? I mean what is happening and why arnt her parents beating the door down to every tv and radio station around trying to spread the word that their baby is missing!
    Nancy Grace would probably be more than happy to help but it seems like nothing is being done except for a strange video on youtube. I don't know why but the music and everything about the video is off.
    For christ sake she's only 16! She's is still a child.

  2. Such is the case when a teen is labeled a runaway. I think she probably has been found. Many times teens are found and then to protect their privacy, it is not broadcast they are found. I will ask around and see if I can find anything out.

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