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Fisherman find possible human hair in Mulnomah County

A teen found what he believed to be scalp and human hair while fishing on Sauvie Island on Sunday afternoon.

The police were called in and the boat ramp  that goes into the Multnomah channel was closed for many hours, as a dive team searched the waters.

  A person at the scene told KOIN news that the teen was fishing for the first time and he snagged his line.

“…he pulled up what he thought was horse hair at first, and the more he looked at it he realized it looked like scalp and human hair.”

Monday the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office said that the police could find no scalp attached and the “hair” was sent to the Oregon State Police Crime Lab for analysis.  Also the Mulnomah County Sheriff’s dive team said they found nothing that indicated a human body was nearby. 

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