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Three missing from Long Beach Found

UPDATE: June 11, 2012 – Marie, Sarah and Nicholas have been found safe.  They were found  unharmed about 8:30 this morning in Sylmar, said Long Beach police spokeswoman Nancy Pratt.  No further info at this time.

Marie Williams, 25, Sarah White, 8, and Nicholas Sanders, 6, are missing in Long Beach, California.

They were last seen at an apartment complex near Santa Fe Avenue and Spring Street to walk to a restaurant.  The restaurant was closed so they began walking northbound on Santa Fe Avenue and somewhere along the way became lost.

The three are not related.  Sarah and Nicholas live in the same apartment complex and Marie was there visiting friends.

The police have searched through the night and will continue to search until they are found.

Marie is a disabled adult with the mental capacity of an 8-year-old, 5’5″ tall, 170 pounds, short brown hair and brown eyes.  She was wearing a turquoise short-sleeve shirt, jean capris and dark tennis shoes.

Sarah is 4 feet tall, 45 pounds with her hair in braids and brown eyes.  She was wearing a white short sleeve shirt, jeans and tennis shoes with wheels.  Nicholas is 4 feet tall, 50 pounds, with short hair and brown eyes.  He was wearing a green/blue long–sleeve button down shirt, jeans and black tennis shoes.

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