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Liberty Dispatch letter about missing Larry Baker one of the Missing Texas Forty

Larry Baker

I want to share with you a letter sent to the Liberty Dispatch by a citizen in Montgomery County.  Click here to read the letter.  They say in their letter that they were “concerned about the neglect going on with the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office.”  They state they are specifically concerned about Larry Baker, who if you remember is on the list of the missing Texas forty.

In this letter you will see that MPofA is mentioned.  I am not sure which story they are referring to from MPofA, because I have written several pertaining to Larry and Montgomery and Liberty County.  My guess is it is the October 23, 2011 post where I wrote about Larry’s brother who told me about his conversation with a detective on the police force, because the letter was posted by the Liberty Dispatch around February.  My Missing Texas Forty story, wasn’t posted till March 2012.

I have also found out that the Cleveland Police Chief Mark Bradshaw has resigned as of June 1, 2012 after a little over three years of holding the position.   His reason for resigning?  The press release states, “Bradshaw will spend time with his family before considering other opportunities.”

Ex Police Chief Mark Bradshaw

Although a quick look around the web and you will see many feel as though Bradshaw was corrupt and that he only resigned because he was being sued.  A post on the Dirty Cops Must Register website says, “A law suit has been filed against him by Tommi Ashmore…Tommi has been terminated from the Cleveland Police Department for allegedly leaking a video of the Cleveland Police assaulting a citizen in handcuffs. (Link no longer works.)

I did find that indeed Tommi had filed a law suit in March 2012 as reported by YourClevelandNews for violation of her First Amendment right to free speech and for violating the Texas Whistleblower Act.  Nothing about leaking a video.

After reading the October 23 post about Larry, if you are wondering if anything new has happened, it hasn’t.   Jerry is still waiting for law enforcement to search and dig on the property for his brother.  

Read the latest on Jerry’s wait:
Read the Liberty Dispatch letter about Larry Baker

Read Larry’s brother Jerry wants the police to look for his brother.


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