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Harold Murrain: Missing from Oregon Found

Multnomah County deputies identified a body found in the Willamette River as Harold Murrain.

The state medical examiner said Murrain drowned in the river, and deputies said there were no indications of foul play.

Previous story:

Harold Murrain was last seen at his work Tuesday June 5th 2012.

“His sister spoke with him around noon and he told her he was getting off work early and heading to Powell’s Bookstore off Burnside. He’s been missing ever since.

If you’ve seen him, spoke with him, texted him or communicated in any
way PLEASE contact Jaime Murrain immediately. The family is worried
sick. You can also contact the Clackamas County Police Department. The
report is with the Oregon City Police Department case #12-1990.

5 thoughts on “Harold Murrain: Missing from Oregon Found

  1. Your friends, family, and perfect strangers are worried and want you home.

  2. If anyone has seen or THINKS they may have seen anything that night in Portland… Any tip can help. Rack your brains…. We are so worried! Harold is such an awesome individual… The world can't stand to lose someone like him…….

  3. A certain girl may have sucked your heart and soul but she is not worth it trust me.

  4. As an update to anyone who sees this profile: Harold's body was found in the Willamette River near the Steel Bridge in Portland, 6/16 around 8:40pm. The only information they have told the family yet is that it appears his body was in the water for more than a few days.

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