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Jessica and Aidan Canelos: Missing from Texas

3 thoughts on “Jessica and Aidan Canelos: Missing from Texas

  1. Does it matter if they are missing from Havelock North Carolina, last seen crossing the border into Texas from Mexico?

    They could be anywhere. Please help find them!

  2. i am confused! i read here and couple other places that aidan wasnt with them when they reentered the US, but some accounts say all 3 reentered. wouldnt that be a red flag at border control to go in with child but not out?

    jessica and chris are facebook friends, so he wasnt a stranger abducting them… very strange case.

  3. Check out the Facebook site, “Help Find Jessica and baby Aidan Canelos” or just Google “Adian Canelos” for the FB site and Youtube video…heartbreaking really. The girl and man were coworkers at a grocery store. However, the girl renewed her vows with her husband of 10 yrs, 15 days prior to going missing with her son…something doesn't add up here. No matter whether the girl left willingly or not, seems to me that the victim here is the little boy, only 4yrs old. Whether he is the victim of selfish adults or a pervert with a long criminal history remains to be seen. Will be praying for them all.

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