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Have the police found the man responsible for the disappearance of Katelyn Markham?


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Fairfield Police Dept are investigating whether there is a connection between a man from Michigan who they arrested on an alleged sexual assault charge and the disappearance of young woman from Fairfield, Ohio last year, stated the police in a statement on Thursday.

On April 15, 2011, a 22-year-old Miami University student told police that she woke up and a man was on top of her.  That man was identified to be Gurpreet Kang, 26 and arrested on Friday for the assault.

Kang was living on 5300 block of Black Squirrel Trail in Hamilton.   News 5’s Karin Johnson talked with neighbors Wednesday who said Kang lived across the street from Markham at one time. The apartment building owner said Kang’s family rented the apartment, but Kang’s name was not on the lease. New tenants moved in in June 2011, the owner said.

Police discovered that  Kang worked at a convenience store and lived near Katelyn Markam’s residence.  A background check showed that he lived on Dorshire Drive from February 2011 through June 2011, reports

The owner of a gas station, who was later identified as Kang’s uncle said that Kang worked at the station on East River Road for five years before leaving in 201, reports WLWT News.

Chief Mike Dickey was asked about the case and said, “We’ve been in contact with Oxford police. You’ll have to draw you own conclusions for that.”

Kang is currently being held in Butler County Jail on $250,000 bond and is charged with one felony of sexual battery.    He appeared in court on Thursday on the rape charge and his case was bound over to a grand jury.

Kang’s attorney told WLWT news that Kang was not fleeing the country but was on his way to a sporting event.

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