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Wilman Midyett and Oliver Midyett: Parental abduction Found

UPDATE:  An article by the Rolla Daily News states how the boys were found and other background information.

UPDATE:  A tip called in to the police station led to the recovery of two children that had been taken by their mother, reports the Salem News.  

Oliver Midyett

Jetta Midyett, is accused of child abduction, was arrested Thursday and is in custody at the Meade County Kansas Sheriff’s Department awaiting extradition to Dent County, according to Dent County Sheriff Rick Stallings and Dent County Prosecuting Attorney Sid Pearson.  Stallings said the two children, Wilman and Oliver are being held at the sheriff’s department in Meade County. They will be turned over to their father, Jason Midyett, who has legal custody, the sheriff said.

Oliver and Wilman were allegedly abducted by their mother, Jetta Midyett from Dent County Missouri. A federal warrant for Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution was issued for Jetta on September 8, 2009. They may have traveled out of the state. Wilman and Jetta may wear glasses. Jetta may use the alias last name Niehouse.

Wilman Midyett

Jetta accused the boys’ father, Jason Midyett, of sexually abusing Wilman. She stated Wilman had told her and his maternal grandmother about the abuse.The court ruled that Jetta’s claims were unfounded, and when she refused to allow Jason access to the children, they took custody away from her and gave it to Jason. Jason stated Jetta was very close to her family and he believed they knew her whereabouts and assisted in her flight. Her family denied this. Investigators did search Jetta’s parents’ farm, but didn’t find anything of interest.

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  1. these boys are safe with thier mother and away from thier pediphile father. please use you assesses on the poor children who really do need to be found and saved.

  2. So are you saying the children are fine. I am just concerned about the kids. I don't know anything about any of the other stuff your saying.

  3. this does sound scary. has the son who is now older been talked to again about his accusations against his father because if what the mother said was true they are in more danger now then when they were on the run with their her.

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