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Brandon Swanson: Missing from Minnesota

Brandon Swanson, 19, has been missing since 2008.  He was returning home from a party in Canby, Minn. when his Chevy Lumina went into a ditch along a gravel road. After not being able to reach any of his friends, he called his parents, Brian and Annett Swanson and asked them to pick him up near Lynd.  He told them he would walk towards the town while they were driving to come get him.  The time was 1:54 a.m.

On the way there Brian and Annette drove toward Lynd while talking to Brian on his cellphone at 2:23 a.m.  Brandon and his father begin a 47-minute cell phone call. Then suddently he calls out “Oh, shit!” and the phone went dead.

Authorities initially suspected the young man had fallen into the Yellow Medicine River but later concentrated on an area near Mud Creek, a few miles northwest of Porter.  But, he has never been found.

His car was found near Taunton, between Marshall and Canby, not anywhere near where he told his parents he thought he was, and they believe that Brandon may have gotten confused as to his location, while he was wandering in the dark.

He was last seen wearing baggy jeans, a blue-striped polo shirt, a black hooded sweatshirt, a white Twins baseball cap, wire-rimmed glasses and a sterling-silver chain necklace.

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One thought on “Brandon Swanson: Missing from Minnesota”

  1. I think that that Brandon's parents deserve to know where he is. I did not know him personally but have heard theories from rumors to actual accounts. I am surprised at the lack of law enforcement in the case of the disappearance of a young adult. I have read the accounts of search and rescue and in this case and think that all of the search efforts have not been exhausted. In the wake of the hunt with John Walsh taking a new look at the Jacob Wetterling case don't you think that we as a community should look at Brandon's case with a fresh set of eyes? I can only hope for both Jacob's parents and Brandon's parents that they get the answers they are looking for and deserve.
    Thank you Wetterling's for instituting the Amber Alert in MN.

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