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Maurice Brown: 3-year-old missing from Memphis found

UPDATE 2014 – Maurice Brown Sr. was convicted Sunday of brutally murdering his own son by beating him to death. He got life in prison.

UPDATE July 3, 2012 – Memphis police said Tuesday that Maurice’s  body was found in a large blue trash bin behind an apartment building a mile away from where he lived.


Update July 3, 2012 – Maurice Brown senior has been arrested for child endangerment.  According to an affidavit. The police affidavit said something probably took place in Brown’s bathroom.  “Investigators found blood spatter on the bathroom walls, pooling of blood inside the bathroom closet, and drops of blood on the bathroom floor and tub area.

They also found a white piece of cloth with blood on it on the floor in front of the tub.  The evidence in the bathroom is consistent with blunt force trauma. Also according to the affidavit, there is probable cause to believe the little boy sustained bodily injury.
The affidavit also states that prior to his disappearance, Brown Jr. was at home with his father and 1-year-old brother.  Brown Sr. said they had dinner and then his youngest son fell asleep.

When Maurice Jr. wet his pants, Maurice Sr. said he changed the boy’s clothes and made him sit on the couch next to his little brother.
Brown Sr. says he fell asleep on the couch in the living room around 8:30 p.m. on Sunday and awoke around 10 p.m. to find the 3-year-old missing and the front door open.

A neighbor told police he saw Brown Sr. leave his apartment with a child draped over his right shoulder while walking towards the parking lot.  In the police affidavit, police say the witness said he believed it was the larger child of the two.

Maurice Brown, Jr., 3, is missing from his home at 347 S. Pauline in Memphis.” reports news 8.

Maurice Brown, Jr., 3, is missing from his home at 347 S. Pauline in Memphis.

Maurice’s dad fell asleep and when he woke up, Maurice was gone.

Police said he may have been missing since ;8:30 p.m.

Maurice is 3″, 65 pounds with short hair.  He was wearing a blue Batman shirt and blue jeans.

If you have any information, please call 901-636-4479.

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