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Jamee Grossman: Missing Person Montana

Jamee Grossman, 25, has been was reported missing on June 12, 2012.  Her family from Billings, Montana have not seen her since March 12.

Jamee’s mother, Leslie Taft was told she was seen leaving a party in Lockwood with her boyfriend on March 17. Jamee’s boyfriend called the family to say she was missing.

“Her boyfriend is the last one to see her.  Saturday morning, apparently betook her to a convenience store to get coffee and cigarettes and fill up with gas, and then drop her off for a visitation with her daughter, but we had family members go watch the recording at the store, and the were never there,” said Leslie.

Jamee is the mother of two girls ages 4 and 5 and was working at the Golden Corral in Billings the week she disappeared. 

The police said that someone used Jamee’s id at a pawn shop and when they lifted a print from the pawn ticket it was not Jamee’s.

Jamee has tattoos of her daughters’ names on her upper back and a tattoo of a rose on the upper part of her foot.  She has long blonde hair.

If you see her, please call the Billings Police Dept. 

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