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Brandon and Ami Veliz: Missing from Wisconsin

Bobby Veliz, from Wisconsin who is in the U.S. Navy and the father of 10-year-old Brandon and 5-year-old Ami has not seen his children in over a month and now doesn’t know where they are

Veliz said that his ex-wife, Amanda Alvarez, from Mission, Texas,  has taken his kids illegally, and Veliz’s current wife, Stephanie said, “She (the children’s mother) knew that Bobby was coming to see the kids, because she had his itinerary and she had the children’s itinerary,” said Stephanie Veliz, stepmother of the missing children. “So she basically took off.”

The father registered his two children as missing with the National Registry of Missing and Exploited Children.

Curiously,  Mission police arrested Amanda Alvarez last week for the custody terms violation.  She was released from jail on Monday and her $250,000 bond was dropped without providing any answers as to the children’s whereabouts or safety.

This action has cause speculation as to whether Amanda received special treatment as her father is a retired border patrol agent and her mother works for attorney Ramon Garcia. 

“Mission (police) asked where they were, she refused to say so that’s why her bond was so high…it could be lowered had she produced the kids. Judge H. Palacios, while Amanda was in county jail, thought the bond was to high for the charges at the time and dropped the bond. She got out on a PR bond…basically a slap on the hand.” posted Stephanie Veliz.

Bobby Veliz now has full custody of Brandon and Ami since his ex-wife violated the visitation terms in the divorce decree, keeping the children from him and his parents.

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