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Jacob Kudla and Jourdan Bobbish: Missing in Detroit Found

Jacob Kudla

Missing Person Michigan Jacob Kudla and Jourdan Bobbish

UPDATE:  The bodies found in a Detroit field on Friday were ID’d as Jacob Kudla and friend Jourdan Bobbish, both of Westland, by the Wayne County medical examiner’s office.

Two people were charged Saturday in connection with a car last used by the pair, that was found in the parking lot of an apartment complex with the stereo removed.

Casey Green, 39, and Larry Anderson, 40, were charged with larceny, obstruction of justice and tampering with evidence.

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Police and volunteers are searching for Jacob Kudla, 18 and Jourdan Bobbish, 17, from Westland, Michigan who went missing on their home from a relative’s home in Detroit.

The boys were scheduled to return that night but didn’t show and the last time they were heard from by their mother around 10 p.m. on Sunday when Jacob called and the uncle confirmed they arrived at his home.

“Jake has never left home. He is the type that has to be in his own bed at night. It’s something he is known for. 🙂 He and Jourdan left here on Sunday evening, saying they’d be back.  They visited uncle rich at about 11 pm and haven’t been seen since.  There has Been no phone activity on either boys phone since 11:11 Sunday night,” Virgie Kudla wrote on her Facebook page.

On Monday, Detroit police found Jacob’s 2001 Chevrolet Cavalier which was parked at a west side apartment on Beechwood and Linsdale streets.  The stereo had been removed.   The police arrested two people said Jacob’s mother but the Detroit Police would not confirm the arrest nor if it was linked to the boy’s disappearance.

Jacob is a student at Schoolcraft College and Jourdan is a student at Churchill High School in Livonia.  The boys have been friends for five years

If you have any information about Jacob or Jourdan please call 248-961-1962.

2 thoughts on “Jacob Kudla and Jourdan Bobbish: Missing in Detroit Found

  1. Jacob's last name is correctly spelled “Kudla”, not “kudia”. They were on their way home from, not on their way to, jacob's relative's home. The last confirmed contact was a phone call from Jourdan at 11:11 pm. Contrary to one erroneous news report, there is no reason to believe drugs were involved, though Jacob was taking prescription pain pills due to a recent surgery.

  2. Very sorry for the families loss but family members said Marijuana and pain pills were involved.

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