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Connie Klomp: Missing from West Virginia

Connie Butcher Klomp has been missing since July 15th 2012. She is mentally and physically ill and was last seen at Ashland, Kentucky where she was treated at a hospital and released on July 15, 2012. Connie 5’6″ tall, 175 pounds with dark salt and pepper hair that goes down to her waist and she wears in a bun.  She also wears glasses and has a red dime size mole on her forehead.  Last seen in Huntington, WV on 31st street.

Last seen alive: July 14, 2012

Circumstances: She was released from Prestera and when dropped off by my sister she took off before other sister was home. Have not seen her since
First Name: Connie
Last Name: Klomp


Age When Last Known Alive: 56
Race: White
Sex: Female
Height: 66.0 to
Weight: 180.0 to


City: Huntington
State: West Virginia
County: Cabell


Hair: Gray or Partially Gray
Head Hair: long hair kept up in twist with clips
Body Hair: n/a
Facial Hair: n/a
Eye: Blue
Scars And Marks: red mole on forehead
Other Distinctive: missing one front tooth on top

Clothing and Accessories

Clothing: red shirt and black and red stripped skirt.
Footwear: white sandals with flower by toes.
Jewelry: two rings on right hand middle finger and pinky finger
Eyewear: glasses
Accessories: hair clips


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  1. I came across Connie Klomp in my search for “Metoprolol Lady,” the Jane Doe found in Sumpter County, Florida. the NamUs listing is still active. Is she missing again?

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