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Brian Shookman: Missing from Idaho

WALLACE, ID – Brian Edwin Shookman, 32, from Great Falls has been missing since July.  He left a friend’s house on July 28, 2012 and was heading to a family gathering at Sunny Slopes, but never showed up.  The Shoshone County Sheriff’s Office believes there is foul play involved in his disappearance.

The Shoshone County Sheriff’s Office says Shookman is described as 5’7″ tall, weighing about 170-pounds with strawberry blond hair and blue eyes.

Investigators are asking anyone with information that could help locate Shookman to contact the Shoshone County Sheriff’s Office at (208) 556.1114.

LAST SEEN: Kellogg, Idaho

HEIGHT: 67.0 in

SEX: Male

WEIGHT: 165.0 lbs

EYES: Blue

HAIR: Brown

TATTOOS: “beaver” tattooed on left arm

SCARS/MARKS: scar on upper lip

Contact Shoshone County Sheriff at 208-556-1114 EXT. 364 with information.


Case #: 01-2012-00709 NamUs MP #: 17020

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  1. The shoshone county sheriffs dept has not looked into leads in this case. There are three people in this county who know what happened to him and the police are aware of this. The people are known meth users. Its so aggravating. I live in this county and our law enforcement are worthless. Barney fife could do a better job.

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