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Brandon Lavergne pleads guilty just doesn’t seem fair

brandon lavergne
Ali Lowitzer

I have just read that Brandon Lavergne has plead guilty to killing Mickey Shunick and Lisa Pate.

My concern is now that he has signed the deposition we may never know if Brandon is connected to any other missing people.  Particularly, missing Ali Lowitzer.

It is great for the police that the case is all wrapped up, but not so good for finding out if there are any more victims that died by the hands of Brandon Lavergne.

I have not officially heard Brandon being labeled a serial killer, but I would bet he probably is.  I also would be willing to bet that his account of what happened with Lisa Pate is not entirely accurate.  It reads:

It says Lavernge (different spelling that has been reported) met Lisa Pate in 1999. He says they later met in a hotel in Lafayette where he asked her to go with him to another location outside of the city. She did and stayed with him for several days. After several days, Lisa Pate told Lavernge she did not want to stay with him any longer and wanted to go home to see her children. He refused to let her go. She tried to sneak out while he was asleep and that’s when Lavernge says he attacked Lisa. He says he beat her, choked her, and put a plastic bag over her head. She died shortly after the attack. The paperwork says Lavernge then moved Lisa’s body to Acadia Parish near the home of someone she knew. His intention was to implicate that person in her death (read the link below “will more victims….” to read more about this) . That person was killed in a car accident shortly after Lisa disappeared in June of 1999. Lisa Pate’s body was found on that property in September of 1999.”

(You can go back to my article on “Will more victims be found tied to Brandon Lavergne” to read more about Lisa Pate and where her body was found.)

Nobody knows why Brandon plead guilty.  Was he offered a plea agreement?  Did he not want to be dragged through a long trial?  Was he afraid of the death penalty?  No one will ever really know.  But, I am willing to bet that this will be the last we hear from him.   

Any bargaining chips the police had left, disappeared when Lavergne signed that deposition, so there is no motivation left for Lavergne to ever say another word his entire life.

And a conscience that would make an ordinary man talk, we already know Lavergne doesn’t possess.

And while he sleeps soundly in jail, knowing that he never has to face capital judgement, the family of the missing pine for their lost loved ones.

Just doesn’t seem fair.

2 thoughts on “Brandon Lavergne pleads guilty just doesn’t seem fair

  1. This story is heart breaking for everyone concerned. However this preditor is off the streets! He is very young and could have done this for years, I think many lives have been spared. He will talk to someone in the house and hopefully any other victoms will be discovered. All we can do is be thankful he is going to be locked up and pray for healing for the families(known and not known)

  2. He reached a plea deal with prosecutors – information on where MIckey's body was located and the manner of death for her and Lisa Pate in exchange for a sentence of life in prison without possibility of parole as opposed to the death penalty, which prosecutors in Lafayette had stated they would seek. I am from Lafayette and know people who were directly involved in the investigation, but the reason for the plea was stated in an earlier news article. As far as Ali Lowitzer goes, I live in Spring, TX and have a daughter (who was a teen-age at the time Ali went missing) and live near the area. My daughter bears a striking resemblance to Ali and so the case caught my attention – same age, same school district, same general area and the physical similarities. I don't know this for a fact, but it sounds very likely that Brandon Scott Lavergne was in this area at the time Ali was abducted. At this time investigators are looking for information that would definitely place him here (I would imagine bank/debit card records, cell phone records, witnesses, work records, etc.) His sister lives in Conroe, TX which is literally a 10-15 minute drive from where Ali went missing and he is known to have spent a great deal of time visiting her. IF he is found to have been in the area I guarantee you that he will be extradited to Texas to face Capital Murder charges and Texas won't mess around with him – they will absolutely carry the death sentence out. I agree with you that he is most likely a serial killer and I do know that there are other officials in other jurisdictions looking into connections between Lavergne and other missing women. They did find various other women's I.D.s, drivers licenses, etc. in his home. Sick, sick SOB.

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