Jake Kimbley: Toddler missing in Texas Found

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Missing Persons Of America

Update:  Augsut 22, 2012 Jacob Kimbley, a two-year-old child in Winona, Texas, has been found dead in a fiberglass septic tank after a search that lasted nearly 12 hours.

Previous story:
Jake Kimbley, 2, went missing while  three kids were playing hide and seek in a wooded area near FM 16 and CR 373 near Winona, reports KLTV.

The missing boy’s grandmother tells KETK crews that she believes Jacob ▬►MAY HAVE BEEN TAKEN from the property just before 2:00.

Officials have not confirmed this information, but the woman says she saw a vehicle drive away aroumd that time.

Searchers found Jake’s clothes and a footprint at a nearby dry creek bank.  The search continues for Jake with 20 units and an air unit looking for him, and plan on continuing throughout the night.

Jake is 30 pounds, wearing a red, green adn blue onesie with tan pants and no shoes.  Please contact the Smith County Sheriff’s Office if you have any information.

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