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Kristopher Clarke: Missing from North Dakota

UPDATE 11/27/15 – Timothy Suckow pleaded guilty to murder-for-hire and conspiracy to commit murder-for-hire in the 2013 death of Doug Carlile in Spokane.  He was arrested in Jan 2014 for the murder of Carlile.  In court he told a judge that James Henrikson and he thought Clarke was going to start his own trucking firm and steal Henrikson’s employees.  Sucks told a judge that they brought Clarke into the shop:   “Prosecutors said Suckow then hit Clarke in the back of the head four times with a lead pipe. Prosecutors said Suckow cleaned up the blood on the floor with bleach and oil. Prosecutors then said Suckow and Henrikson buried Clarke’s body in Badlands State Park in South Dakota.  Kristopher Clarke’s body is still missing.

ORIGINAL STORY:  Kristopher D. Clarke

Kristopher D. Clarke, 29, was last seen on Feb. 22, 2012, at Blackstone Trucking in New Town wearing a gray jogging suit. He is 5 foot and 9 inches tall and about 140-155 pounds with brown hair and eyes. Clarke has scars on both lower legs, left wrist, left side over his ribs to his upper back and on his stomach from a motorcycle accident.

From The KC-Gimpdaddy Facebook Page, his mom writes:

*October 2011-K.C. leaves Texas with James Henrickson-they go to North Dakota to work together for Blackstone trucking in Mandaree, ND. K.C. is made operations manager. Blackstone is run by Sarah Creveling and James Terry Henrickson on property owned by Tex Hall in Mandaree.

*At some point K.C.’s job as operations manager is taken from him and given to someone else. K.C. is dissatisfied with Blackstone and his wages. He decides to leave Blackstone to go work for Running Horse trucking.

*K.C. tells several people to contact his family if anything happens to him. Carries his gun everywhere, tells a friend that he needs to practice, to get better with his gun-feels that he is in danger. I have been told that he had arguments with James H.

*Feb 22, 2012 K.C. is last seen in Mandaree, North Dakota at Blackstone trucking-he was wearing a grey jogging suit.

* Last cell ph. call-in the vicinity of Blackstone in Mandaree, no more calls were ever made or answered by K.C. on Feb. 22, 2012 after his trip to Blackstone. nor was he seen again. He was not seen leaving Blackstone and it is unknown whether he ever left there alive. Others have said that K.C. and James argued that day. Calls go directly to voicemail after that.

If anyone has any information on the whereabouts of Clarke, contact Special agent Steve Gutknecht 701-774-4310.

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