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Ruzie Suggs: Missing from North Carolina Found

UPDATE: The body of Ruzie has been found by a hunter in Halifax County, Virgnina on Saturday. Her dog, Pierre was also found and he was alive, according to Times news.

Ruzie ended up on N.C. 29 North, which took her into Virginia, where she ended up driving off the road and getting stuck.  She tried to call for help with her cell phone but the signal did not go through and it was found that it bounced off a cell phone tower between Boston and Clarksvill, Va.

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Ruzie Suggs, 90,  from Burlington, North Carolina has been missing since September 8th.

She was last seen dropping her friend off with her brown miniature poodle at a home on Lincoln Street in Greensboro.

Investigators believe she may have gotten confused and made a wrong turn trying to get home.

Investigators say activity on Suggs’ cellphone hit a tower in the South Boston and Clarksville Virginia areas between 1 and 4 a.m. on Monday morning. Since then her phone has been off and there’s been no sign of her trying to use her credit or debit cards.

Suggs, 90, is described as having gray hair, brown eyes and stands 5’6″ and weights about 100 pounds.

She was last seen wearing a brown jacket and blue jeans. She may also have a small brown dog with her.

Suggs was last seen Saturday afternoon at 917 Lincoln Street in Greensboro.

Suggs’ car is described as a white 2005 Cadillac Deville with a personalized tag that says “Ruzie 1″

The family is offering a $2,000 reward for any information.

Anyone with information about Suggs should call the Burlington Police Department at 229-3500

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