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Jaliek Rainwalker: Missing child New York since 2007

Jailed Rainwalker

UPDATE 5/26/17 – Test results show that the skull found on Feb. 26 has been found to belong to  that of a man 20 to 50 years old and has been ruled out to belong to Jailek.

UPDATE 3/9/17 – A skull has been found along the banks of the Hudson River.  Police are testing to see if it may belong to Jaliek.  The authorities state the skull belongs to a younger male.   A hiker found the skull Feb. 26 in a wetland area in the Greene County town of Coxsackie.  Police believe foul play was involved and have scrutinized his adoptive father but no one was ever been charged.

Jailek Rainwater

Jailek Rainwater
Missing: 10/01/07
Missing From: Greenwich, New York
DOB:  08/02/95 Height: 5’6″
Eyes:  Green
Race:  Biracial-White, African American
Age at  disappearance: 12
Sex:  Male
Weight:  105 lbs
Hair:  Brown

Jaliek was last seen on November 1, 2007. Jaliek is Biracial.  Jaliek was last seen wearing blue jeans, a yellow fleece pull-over and black tennis shoes. He has a slight speech impediment. Jaliek pronounces the letter “r” like a “w.”
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Contact Information:
Greenwich Village Police Department (New York)
1-518-692-9332Jaliek Rainwalker

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