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DNA match found between Jessica Ridgeway case and attempted abduction at Ketner Lake

Austin Reed Sigg

UPDATE: Austin Reed Sigg, 17, was arrested Tuesday night and has been charged with two counts of first degree murder and kidnapping. The charges are for Jessica’s murder and for the attempted abduction of a jogger in May 2012.

“Law enforcement received the major break in the Jessica Ridgeway investigation they have been hoping for,” said the Westminster Police. “Last Tuesday evening police received a call that led them to a home near the Ketner Lake Open Space.”

Sigg was arrested on 102nd Avenue about a mile from Chelsea Park and in the Custody Report, Austin was said to have been cooperative and that he waived his rights.
The police have said that there is a DNA connection between the attempted attack of a woman at Ketner Lake in May and the Jessica Ridgeway case.

Wooden cross with hole at topPolice say the attack happened when a woman passed the suspect once, as he walked the opposite way, but when she looped around again, he was walking in the same direction and grabbed her as she ran by. She told police the suspect tried to put a cloth over her face, with some kind of chemical on it. She managed to fight him off and called 911 as he ran away, reports KDVR News.Video: Lake Ketner attack

The attack in May, is not the only time an attack was made in that area. In July 2010, a woman who was also jogging, was attacked in a similar manner as the woman in May. Someone tried to put a cloth over her face and it had some kind of chemical on it. Both woman fought back and got away.

The Westminster Police Department says that the the description of the person that attacked the women at Ketner Lake is a light skinned male, between 18-30 years-old (age hard to determine because of ball cap), between 5’6″ to 5’8″ tall, brown hair and medium build. He was wearing a blue cap, a black T-shirt, jeans and small rimmed sunglasses, reports the Denver Post.

The police are not able to run out and arrest the man, though, the police have confirmed the DNA is from a man, BUT there is no match in the database.

Two sources told Fox 31 Denver’s Justin Joseph that during the investigation into the book bag and Jessica’s remains they recovered a man’s DNA. 

It was brought up last week by authorities that the suspect may have abducted a child instead of a woman because of past missed attempts.

Authorities, determined to find who killed Jessica are going door-to-door in Jessica’s neighborhood collecting DNA. 

It has also been revealed that when police asked the public not to focus on what Jessica was wearing it was because her clothes were found inside the backpack that was left on the sidewalk in Superior.  What is still missing is her socks.

Last week a small brown cross was found that police are checking to see if it is connected to the case.  And it was released today that two receipts from King Soopers near 100th and Wadsworth Blvd. were found in an open field and one showed a purchase of garbage bags.  Jessica’s remains were found with a black garbage bag. 

In another development, a woman walking in a field about ½ mile away from where Jessica was found came across a clump of blonde hair.  Police took the hair into evidence.

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