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Jessica Ridgeway: Teen arrested for her murder

UPDATE:  Oct. 24 – The following information came from a source that spoke to KDRV news:

Police received a phone call from Austin Sigg’s mother.
Sigg confessed to kidnapping and killing Jessica.

He said he drove by her home and turned his car around and grabbed her.  He put her into the car where he hog-tied her and then strangled her to death.

FBI evidence recovery teams found parts of Jessica’s body in the crawl space of the Austin’s home.

Siggs confessed to leaving the backpack in Superior to distract police.

Austin Reed Sigg, 17, was arrested Tuesday night and has been charged with two counts, one for first degree murder and the other for kidnapping. The charges are for Jessica’s murder and for the attempted abduction of a jogger in May 2012.

“Law enforcement received the major break in the Jessica Ridgeway investigation they have been hoping for,” said the Westminster Police. “Last Tuesday evening police received a call that led them to a home near the Ketner Lake Open Space.”

Evidently, Austin confessed to his mother what he had done and his mother told his to turn himself in. The police were called to the residence on Tuesday night.

Sigg was arrested on 102nd Avenue about a mile from Chelsea Park and in the Custody Report, Austin was said to have been cooperative and that he waived his rights.

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