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Skylar Neese: Missing teen from W. Virginia Found

UPDATE: 5/1/13 –   Rachel Shoaf, 16, of Morgantown believed to be one of Skylar’s best friends, admitted to stabbing Skylar to death the night of her disappearance.

Read Shoaf plea agreement here:

Shoaf pleaded guilty to second degree murder and was taken away for a pre-sentencing review. The prosecution will recommend a 20-year sentence, while the defense will request that she be sentenced as a juvenile, which would likely mean a lighter penalty.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office says, “Charges are pending against a second juvenile who is currently in custody in Monongalia County.” Officials are prevented by law from releasing the suspect’s name, but she is believed to be another one of Skylar’s classmates.

Shoaf’s guilty plea suggests a lesser charge and lighter sentence in return for her testimony against the second defendant.

Court documents offer no insight into the motive for the crime. On May 1, Skylar’s father said the only reason he could think of was that they ‘didn’t like her any more.’

WDTV reported that Dave Neese stated: ‘They didn’t like her anymore. That’s the only response I got.

UPDATE: The remains of Skylar Neese have been identified in Pennsylvania. Her badly decomposed body was found in a ditch about 20 miles west of Morgantown. She had been stabbed to death..Click here to read more.

UPDATE:  12/2012 – State Police Cpl. R. Gaskins said grand jury hearings were held in November and more could continue in the case.The purpose of the hearings is to obtain information formally and on the record, Gaskins said. 

Friends: Rachel Shoaf (right)
has confessed to stabbing
Skylar Neese (left) to death last summer

According to Equities, Gaskins said he could not divulge the names of the people who have been questioned or those they could question in the future, about the disappearance of Skylar.

Gaskins said, because of the privacy afforded to the proceedings, sometimes people are more forthcoming in grand jury investigations than they would be in interviews with police. Although they can exercise their right not to incriminate themselves, they can be charged with perjury if it is proven they lied under oath.
“There are people who know where she’s at and they’re not talking,” Gaskins said.

Previous story:

Skylar Neese, 16,  from Star City, W. Virginia was last seen on July 7, 2012.  She had returned from Wendy’s and went to bed.  She was gone the next morning.

Survellance footage from apartments near her home show Skylar climbing out of the window around midnight.  She got into a car that was determined to belong to one of her friends.

The friend admitted to picking up Skylar, but said she dropper her off an hour later, down the street so the car did not wake anyone up.  There is not footage of Skylar coming back. 

Skylar is 5’4″ tall, 135 pounds, brown hair and blue eyes.

 The Neese family is offering a $3,100 reward for information that leads to her safe return.

If you have any information about her whereabouts, please call the Star City Police Dept. at 304-599-3550.

Below is Skylar last tweets before she went missing:

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  1. On behalf of the public supported charity Finding Our Children Under Stress (FOCUS/”3-Children”) Organization ( we posted the following information on FB, directed to the family of Skylar; however we don't know if they received our info. If you know the Neese family please pass this info along. There are three (3) National Programs available to help with the search for Skylar: (1) the “Deliver Me Home Network”, (2) the “NALC/USPS Child Alert Program”, and (3) the “GSA Child Alert Program”. To activate the “Deliver Me Home Network” National Program law enforcement involved with the case needs to contact Code Adam (via NCMEC) and request that certain zip code(s) be targeted, and Skylar's poster would be delivered to every address in the targeted zip code(s). In 2003, 16,000 posters of a Missing Child in Georgia were delivered to every address in the targeted tri-county area. To activate the “NALC/USPS Child Alert” National Program, both law enforcement involved and the family needs to contact the NCMEC and request that her poster be included in the monthly printing of Missing Children Notices in the Postal Bulletin. According to the “Missing Children Poster Display Instructions” which are included in each months printing of the Postal Bulletin, Skylar's poster would then be sent to every Postmaster in this country and her poster would be on display in the “box lobby” section of the Post Offices in the U.S. (31,000+) and also on display in the workroom floor area of the P.O.'s so the letter carriers can view them before and/or after their route. Paragraph four of the above mentioned “Instructions” should also be activated. To activate the “GSA Missing Child Alert” National Program, again the NCMEC needs to be contacted and a request to have Skylar's poster included in the monthly printed “GSA Missing Child Notices” printed on the GSA website. These posters, according to the description of this important National Program, are put on display in 900 buildings that are owned or controlled by the Federal Government, throughout this country.

  2. As of 2/14 she is still missing. The FBI and State Police are now working on Skylar's case, but her parents said that law enforcement did not act soon enough. That's why Delegate Charlene Marshall will introduce a bill to the legislature this session to reform the state's Amber Alert rules.

  3. i dont think her friends saying all they know. did she really “bring her back home”? or did she bring her somewhere else?

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