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Felicia Schmid: Missing teen Pennsylvania Found

UPDATE:  Felicia has been found. (see comment)
Felicia Schmid, 17, from Bensalem, Pennsylvania is missing, and was reported missing to the police and is listed as a runaway. 

She was last seen Friday afternoon, November 9, 2012  after being involved in a hit and run accident.  The car she was driving was found a couple blocks from the accident. She left her cell phone behind.

Her mother believes she is running because she is scared of being in trouble for the accident.  She contacted her mother with another phone at which time her mother tried to tell her to come home and talk to the police, but there has been no further contact since then and she is no longer using any cell phone to contact her mother.

She is 5’3 about 130 lbs., light olive completion. She has dark brown-black hair, and brown eyes.

Felicia does have a medical condition called Raynaud’s syndrome where she can not be exposed to the cold for long periods of time. 

One thought on “Felicia Schmid: Missing teen Pennsylvania Found”

  1. Thank you so very much for posting this for my daughter. She contacted me today and I met her to pick her up. God bless you and Social Media; This was powerful enough for her to see and make a decision to come home, stop running and do the right thing. She has some penalties for her actions, but they are not nearly what they could have been if she continued to run. I am so very thankful to you, your site, for what you do and the dedication that you have, you helped my little girl come home, to see that she was cared about and loved and that there was concern for her. I will always be thankful. I read your postings every day and try and re share as many as possible for others, and I extend a very large and grateful thank you to you and everyone who helped.
    Thank you
    Lori Schmid

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