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Adam Chase: Wife suspect foul play, authorities not so sure

2014 -Judge William Kocher sentenced Rose Chase to 23 years to life on the murder count, just two years less than the maximum punishment. However, he sentenced her to another 11⁄3 to 4 years on the tampering count, which involved Chase dismembering Adam’s body in their basement, taking the parts to her mother’s home in the Yates County town of Potter and burning them in an outdoor pit.

UPDATE:  Rose Chase, Adam’s wife has been accused of intentionally pushing her husband down two flights of stairs in their Mott Road home in Seneca, resulting in his death. Then either partially cremated or dismembered him, said police.

Deputies were executing search warrants at the Mott Road and Hagerty Road properties to collect evidence, including Adam Chase’s remains, reports the Democrat and Chronicle.

“Right now, our goal is to collect all available evidence and information through interviews and collecting evidence in (Seneca) and in Potter that will result in a successful prosecution,” said Povero.

Adam Chase walked away from his home in Stanley, New York on June 14th after arguing with his wife and hasn’t been seen since.

A few days later he retrieved a cell phone and other belongings and on June 19th sent three texts to friends to say he was alright.  Since then there has been no contact.

Police can’t trace his whereabouts from the phone and said he has not used his ATM or Credit card.

“There’s no way he would have walked away,” his wife Rose said. “He wouldn’t have left without a car, left without his phone. To walk off into the sunset — it wouldn’t have happened…I could say maybe a week, but five months?”

During a press conference Sheriff Philip Povero said there is no indication that it is anything other than a “truly upsetting and stressful missing person investigation…
Members of the Chase family agreed that this would also be an opportunity to appeal through the media directly to Adam Chase to contact his family by any means so that his family would know that he is all right.”

“If he was in Ontario County, he would reach out to us,” Adam’s sister, Jessica said.  “If he was alive, he would reach out to us. As hard as it is to say, he would have.”

Silvia said she believes investigators should consider all possibilities in the case.
“I hope they do more than just a missing person (case),” she said. “…I hope I’m wrong, but honestly, I don’t think I am. It’s been quite an ordeal. You see it on TV, you hear about it, you read about it, but for it to actually happen to yourself is unimaginable.”

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